We love this Minisuit Chrome Wireless iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard so much that we just HAD to do a review on it.  Hands down, this is currently our favorite portable keyboard for the iPad Mini.  And here’s why:

Instead of the usual slot in the middle of the keyboard to prop your tablet up, this keyboard actually has hinges on the edge that you can insert your iPad Mini in to… transforming it into a netbook-like device!  How ingenious is that?  (Watch our video review to get a better idea of how it works.)


Although slightly thicker and heavier than other portable keyboards, this Minisuit Chrome Wireless iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is still super portable.  The slight increase in thickness and weight is probably due to the addition of the hinges, which is what makes this keyboard so unique.  Some of you may be thinking, “But the main point of using a thin portable keyboard without a case is for its’ lightweight and slim-fit features.”  Rest assured, the keyboard is still very lightweight and it is only about 1-2 centimeters thicker than other portable keyboards.  Honestly, that 1 centimeter you are trading in in exchange for functionality and design is totally worth it.


Since this keyboard is not a case, it wasn’t designed for protection.  If your main concern is protection, then I would advise you to buy an actual case instead.  Like a netbook, the screen is protected and the back is exposed when closed.  If you are taking the iPad Mini with you on-the-go I suggest throwing the device into a fitted sleeve or carrying bags so that the back of your iPad Mini is protected.

Two really thin rubber strips on the keyboard protect the iPad Mini screen from the keys when closed.  The screen of the iPad Mini just snaps onto the keyboard to provide your screen protection while the back of the iPad Mini is exposed.

Felt/velvet-like material line the inside of the hinges so it does not scratch your tablet.  This material keeps the iPad Mini attached to the keyboard (no matter how hard I shake they do not separate), but also miraculously slides right out when I try to detach them.

Four little rubberized feet also like the underside of the keyboard so it your keyboard does not have to touch tablet surfaces and risk get scratched.


I cannot rave enough about the design of this keyboard.

First of course, is the design of the hinges that the iPad Mini is inserted into and that I can now use my iPad Mini like a netbook without those bulky leather cases.

Secondly, this keyboard has the smart cover sleep/wake function!  This is something I have not seen yet in other portable keyboards.

I also love that there is now more room to rest my thumb without the closing clasp (that many other portable keyboards have) get in the way.  It makes typing on a tiny keyboard just THAT much more comfortable.

And the most important feature of a keyboard: typing.  I know we said in our previous review that the Minisuit Aluminum Bluetooth iPad Mini Keyboard was pretty easy to type on, considering the size of that thing.  But I would have to say this keyboard is even better!   If you are not used to typing on a keyboard of this size it will still take some getting used to, but the keys are raised more than usual, making typing much more comfortable, natural, and accurate.


This Minisuit Chrome Wireless iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is selling on Amazon for $24.10 available in Blue, Black, Red, Silver, and Yellow.  Great quality, great design, great price!  If a mini portable keyboard is what you are looking for then this is it, stop looking.