When first testing out this i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series Kids Friendly iPad Mini case, I could tell that i-Blason given a lot of though into its design.  This case is actually a 3-piece case- a two piece hard shell snap on and a silicone wrap that covers the shell.  When I first attached the shell to my iPad Mini, I was thinking that it was going to be difficult to press the home button since the shell complete surrounds it and overlaps the button.  However on the silicone cover, there is a little button on the interior where the home button would be.  This little button fits perfectly into the gap left in the shell for the home button and allows you to press it with ease.  There are also multiple slots throughout the front and back of the shell that allows the corresponding ridges of the silicone cover to be inserted for a more secure fit.  Putting the case on to your iPad Mini is a straightforward process but as with most rugged cases, removing the inner hard shell can prove to be quite difficult.   However if this case is the sole protector of your iPad Mini from your kids, then this “difficulty” can prove to be your savior :).  This case does add a bit of bulk to your tablet, just about tripling tripling the thickness of the iPad Mini.  On the back of the case is a built-in kickstand.  All of the other cutouts precisely expose the iPad Mini’s buttons and features.  We ordered the Magenta/Black case on Amazon but the “magenta” silicone  cover actually looks more Pink.  This i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series Kids Friendly iPad Mini Case is also available in Black, White, and bright, vibrant kid friendly Blue/White, Green/White, and Pink/White.  The two-toned magenta and black contrast each other very nicely.


On the back of this i-Blason case, is a built-in kickstand in the middle.  This kickstand allows you to view the tablet in landscape mode and also portrait mode.


I would consider this i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series Kids Friendly iPad Mini Case a rugged case.  As you already know, kids are not the most protective of their belongings.   This kids friendly dual-layer protection would hold up very well and protect your iPad Mini even from accidental drops from your kids.  This silicone cover fully covers and protects the hard shell except for the precise cutouts for the tablet’s features and the back where the kickstand and two indented strips of the hard shell (that provide extra grip) reside.  Those multiple slots on the shell and ridges on the silicone cover that I mentioned, greatly helps to keep the silicone cover adhered to the hard shell.


The inner hard shell is constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate and the robust silicone cover is durable and shock-absorbent.  The silicone actually doesn’t feel flimsy and the shell is very sturdy.  The edges on the top and bottom of the silicone cover are textured to provide more grip.  I noticed that there were some scratches on the shell already when l removed the case from its packaging, although they will not be visible once you place the silicone over it.  Also the shell seems to attract dust pretty easily.


This case is available on Amazon for $25.00.  For the dual protection that this case provides, the case is definitely a bargain at this price actually being able to withstand drops.

The i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series Kids Friendly iPad Mini Case is a great protective case for both kids and adults alike.

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