Let’s pretend that you are a perspective tablet buyer.  The first tablet that would probably cross your mind is Apple’s iPad 3.  Apple has undoubtedly set the standards for tablets with their success with the iPad series.  Last week at a press event in Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed that their Microsoft Surface Tablet will be debuting in a few months.  The announcement that they will be launching their own tablet surprised many people but Microsoft hopes the Surface Tablet will have success that rivals the iPad 3.  In fact, Microsoft will be launching two different models of Surface Tablets.  The first model is Surface for Windows RT, which should be debuting when Windows 8 is released in the fall.  The second model, Surface for Windows 8 Pro will debut three months after Surface RT.  Let’s take a look and see how the Surface RT and the Surface 8 Pro stacks up to the iPad3.

OS (Operating System)

The operating system is essentially the most important part of any device that has an OS.  The OS has many different functions including interacting with users in complicated ways and helps us keep up with needs that change over time.  The iPad 3 is run on iOS 5, which can be updated when iOS 6 is released later on in the year.  Meanwhile, when the Surface Tablets are released, the Surface RT will run on Windows 8 RT, and Surface Pro will run on Windows 8 Pro.  The iOS has features that including a messenger similar to Blackberry Messenger and an upgraded internet browser that enables you to store parts of webpages and use them while offline.  With the arrival of iOS 6, you can use a Facetime video calling function and a deeper level of social media to keep you engaged.  The Windows 8 OS however, has a great multi-tasking ability like on a laptop or desktop.  You will even be able to run multiple apps at the same time and have multiple windows up at the same time.

CPU (Processor)

The processor essentially tells the computer what to do and prioritizes tasks based on importance.  The iPad 3 is equipped with Apple A5X dual-core with quad-core graphics capabilities, which is able to run some of the more demanding games and apps.  Surface for Windows RT is equipped with Nvidia Tegra 3, while the Surface for Windows 8 Pro is equipped with Intel Core i5.  The performance of the iPad 3 and Surface Tablets should be comparable in this aspect.

Size (Thickness & Weight)

The thickness and weight of the tablets are very similar.  The iPad 3 has a thickness of .37 inches while weighing 1.44 pounds.  The Surface RT has also has a thickness of .37 inches but weighs 1.5 pounds.  The Surface 8 Pro is the largest of the three with a thickness of .53 inches and weighing in at 2 pounds.  Another aspect of the Surface Tablets is that they are integrated with a kickstand, which allows it to be propped up and a magnetically attached cover which can also double as a 3mm keyboard.


The iPad 3 features a 9.7-inch retina LED-backlit screen with a 2048x 1536 pixel resolution.  The Surface RT features a 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display with Gorilla Glass while the Surface 8 Pro features a 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD Display with Gorilla Glass.  We do not yet know the all details of the Surface Tablet but they will have a 720p resolution.  According to Microsoft, their ClearType technology display will make words look as clear as those printed out.  The iPad 3 has a 42.5 W-h battery, the Surface RT will have 31.5 W-h, and the Surface 8 Pro will have a 42 W-h battery.


The iPad 3 is available in three different storage options: 16 GB, 32GB, or 64GB and each with 1 GB of RAM.  The Surface RT will be available in 32GB, or 64 storage options while the Surface 8 Pro will be available in 64GB, and 128GB options.  Microsoft has yet to release how much RAM will be in Surface Tablets but the tablets will come with micro SD card slots, which allow up to 32GB more memory.

The Microsoft Surface Tablets in many aspects will be comparable to the Apple iPad 3 and should really make the market competitive.  Though not yet released, the prices of the Surface Tablets might have been leaked with the Surface RT costing about $600 and the Surface 8 Pro costing about $1000.  Meanwhile, the price range of the iPad 3 is about $600.

How much are you willing to spend on a tablet?


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