iPhone 5 Case Revealed

Are these the new iPhone 5 dimensions?  iPhone 5 rumors have been exploding across the web as the release date of the next generation iPhone nears.  We would like to add a little fun to mix, and is bringing to you today alleged schematic drawings of the new iPhone. The photos were sent over to us from an anonymous source that claims to be an employee of a “known” 3rd party case company.  The “tipster” also provided a rendering of an iPhone 5 case and claims that their company is already creating cases in the pipeline and that their iPhone 5 cases will be available before the next generation iPhone hits Apple’s shelves. That is a pretty bold statement; real or fake we would still like examine these drawings in-depth.

iPhone 5 Dimensions Revealed


Based on these alleged drawings, we can see that:

  • iPhone 5 dimensions are 123.83 x 58.57 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.30 x 0.03 in)
  • Enhanced speaker claims are aligned with rumors
  • 30 pin dock adapter is being replaced by a smaller charging port.
  • There is a small opening between the iPhone 5 camera and flash
  • Headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the iPhone near the speakers.
  • Bleh…Mirco sim for the GSM version of the iPhone 5.

Unfortunately, we still cannot confirm  9to5Mac’s rumors of the screen size being 3.999 inches.  I am actually a little excited to see what new iPhone 5 accessories will be available being that all iPhone 4 speakers, docks, and cables will no longer be compatible if the 30 pin dock is revised.   Are these drawings accurate? Give us a shout below.

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